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Founded in 1987 originally as a materials brokerage, Wonder Engineered Material Co., Inc. provided high purity metals to the market.

Manufacturing and stocking distribution of thin film materials followed for:

Compound Semiconductor
Wireless RF & Microwave
Precision Optics/Laser
Emerging Display Technologies
Data Storage

National and international growth followed the installation of the first Target Bonding and Hot Press operation in China.

Now, Wonder Engineered Material Co., Inc. provides JIT manufacturing and next day stocking distribution services to a growing

world-wide client base.
Whether your company needs Large Production support or smaller R&D support, Wonder Engineered Material Co., Inc. is set up to

handle both quickly and professionally.
Our experienced sales support team can help determine the best manufacturing methods to employ that will insure the best possible

product for your application. Whether your requirement is large or small, you will receive the same excellent service.